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  • Last month we introduced you to the Mahoneys and shared their family's story of how they wanted to help an ABBA family. We want to thank them for a very successful event that will bless an ABBA family. Here is their update on how things went.

    "We had a perfect day and raised a total of $1,372!!!  $687 in direct donations and an additional $685 from the Yard Sale & Lemonade Fundraiser.  Megan & Mikayla baked cupcakes & cookies and made endless pitchers of Lemonade that started selling quickly once the sun started shining down on us.  They had a couple of neighbourhood friends join them to help for the day.

    Once the sale was done, we held a raffle for 12 gift certificates that were donated from local restaurants and had the pleasure of calling the winners to share the good news.  Lastly, we boxed up all of the leftover items and dropped them off to the local Goodwill so others can benefit from the donated items that we couldn’t sell.

    A heartfelt thank-you to everyone who supported us through this event.  We’re all a bit tired, but the girls both said that all the work was worth it and they can’t wait to do it all over again next year!"

  • We want to introduce you to the Mahoneys. The Mahoneys are a family touched in several ways by adoption. Here is a snippet of their story:

    "We are the Mahoney's - Kevin (father) was adopted here in Canada, Michelle (mother) is the daughter of an immigrant family and we adopted two beautiful daughters, Megan (13) and Mikayla (12) both born in South Korea."

    The Mahoneys have started a group called Inspired for Influence where they are "aiming to leverage social media to influence others to step off the sidelines of life and get involved." Their focus is on finding homes for children that have been orphaned around the world. 

    This July, they are holding a fundraiser event. Here is the description of their event:

    "Megan and Mikayla are adopted and want to help others. They have been involved in the Me-to-We program at school and this summer have decided to start their own fundraiser. They are planning Megan & Mikayla's Mammoth Yard Sale and Lemonade Stand with the objective to raise $1000 to donate to ABBA Canada"

    Let's come alongside them and pray for a blessed event that not only raises funds, but also awareness for what they are doing and the needs of adoptive/foster families and waiting children around the world!  

    Click here to visit their page.

  • This past year we celebrated a very special milestone in the life of ABBA Canada. We wrote a cheque for the $100,000th grant dollar and we have you to thank! More importantly, here's a thank you quote directly from the family that received the grant:

    "Thank you so much to all those who have donated to ABBA. Receiving this grant is but one of the many miracles that have worked together to enable us to adopt again. Words cannot express our gratitude"

    Andrea & Kyle received the grant towards their 2nd African adoption. But they're not the only ones that are eager to see this little boy come home. According to their son, "I've been waiting forever for my baby brother!" 

    Andrea & Kyle, in response to this, go on to say that "sometimes it sure feels like it. But every day and every night we pray for him and trust God to watch over him until he is home with us. We dream of the day when he is here with us, helping to light up the room with his cute little smile! While he may not know it yet, we already love him so much."

    Join us in praying for this beautiful family as they journey towards bringing this precious child home. 

    Click here to visit their page and read their full story.

  • Did you know that every time you share an ABBA Canada Facebook post to your own Facebook page, about 35% of your friends see that post in their news feed? That means that each time you share one of our posts, a couple hundred new people, that we've never been in contact with, could have an opportunity to learn about this ministry that you care about. 

    For us, what that means is more families being helped in their adoption journey. The majority of ABBA Canada grant money comes from online donations, made by people who read an ABBA story and are inspired to play a part in someone's adoption journey.

    A huge way you can bless and support the ministry of ABBA Canada is by choosing your favourite ABBA post or posts and clicking "share" to your page.   

    Let's help more families. Thanks for your help!

    Visit the ABBA Canada Facebook page here

  • One of our favourite things at ABBA is when one of our grant recipients takes the time to put together a video documenting their adoption journey. We are blessed each and every time and always find ourselves tearing up. How could we not? This is why we do what we do! 

    That being said, our second favourote thing is sharing that video with you, our ABBA Canada community. So here you go. Watch and join us in praying for the Jessica & Kevin's journey. 

    Click here to visit their page and follow their story.

  • For those of you who live in British Columbia, it was announced this week that the Ministry of Children and Family Development is investing $2 million in one-time-only funding to help more children and youth in care to find forever homes through adoption and guardianship.

    According to the announcement, "this funding will increase the number of home studies being done so a greater number of families are approved to adopt or permanently care for children and youth."

    The goal of everyone involved in the ABBA Canada family is to see children in forever families. Join us in praying that all children in BC will find their forever family and that this will help!

    Click here to read the full article. 

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