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    Often times we wonder how everyone is doing after the children come home. Here's our little update and picture. One of our sons was recently married, so we've added another daughter to our family. :-)

    It's been a good but yet difficult year. A year of healing, tears, joy, laughter, bonding, looking back, yet moving forward.

    God knew we needed those precious months of undisturbed bonding time with them spring/summer of 2015. Leaving them to come home was the most difficult thing I've ever done. Then 3.5 months later, they were "randomly" chosen by the DRC to come home. Miraculous, really.  Family sure agrees with these girls!!  They've truly learned to trust their daddy, too, which is so very very special.

    All things are possible with God who gives us strength.  Keep fighting for your children. If you won't, no one else will.  They are so very worth it. !!


  • Dear Friends!  Thank you so much for your prayers and support through the many years of this Congo adoption.  While are were blessed to have our children home, 16 Canadian children are still stuck. We are advocating at the highest levels in Canada. BC Senator Jaffer is also heavily involved and has promised to help us until the children come home.  The Canadian Congo adoption group is like family, we won't stop until every child is home.


    Please take 30 seconds to sign this petition. We need 3000 signatures. Pls share! Thank you!!


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    We waited two years for this piece of paper!  :-)  So extremely happy to have our babies home finally. It was worth the fight and wait. Such happy children and have brought much joy to this home in just one week.

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    Last week Tuesday we received new that our girls were selected among very few families who would receive exit permits for their adopted children. It was a complete random selection.

    Saturday morning we met our escorts in Brussels and had our girls in our arms at 5:00 AM.    Praise God!  This all seems so unreal still. 

    Thank you all for your prayers and support!  Couldn't have a more awesome week.


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzmv03n8M8s&feature=youtu.be

  • July 25:  I just did the hardest thing I've ever had to do: say goodbye to our babies here in Africa after spending 11 weeks with them and not knowing when we'll see them again.   Sad barely describes what took place.   They were happy to see the caretakers as they recognized them, but once they were in the vehicle driving away and realized what was really happening, they began to cry.  So much grief needs to be let out. Praying for God's comfort and safety as we start our journey home today.   
    NO REGRETS. Every day spent knowing our girls was such a joy.

    Aug 20.  The grieving has been real.  We are still hopeful something will happen before end of the month. Canada's advocacy at the highest levels are finally involved.  Other countries have their Foreign Affairs ministries involved as well.    Please continue to pray for Exit Permits.  Our hearts ache for them constantly. 

  • 9 1/2 weeks later, we are still in country.  Time has flown by.  After the first 2 weeks, my husband had to return home to work.  We thought forsure we would have beem home with our chldren by now, but the system keeps changing. We are to the point now where we have to make the painful decision to possibly leave the girls here if we don't have any new of progress in the next week.  The cost of living here is breaking us and I know it's only money but we also have kids at home that are being cared for by others.  The thought of dropping our already so-well-bonded children off at an orphanage just rips my heart into shreds. Can you imagine? Our two year old tags after me all day. During the night she calls for me and makes sure I'm still beside her. How does one re-attach after losing their trust. Please please pray for a miracle to happen.  Only God can change the president's heart. Thank you.


  • Dear Friends. We are finally in country with our children, hoping to bring the home within the next week or two. We've been here two weeks already. Children are bonding beautifully, we know it's a long process. 
    We've worked extremely hard in advocating to Canada Immigration, our MP's and any other political person we could think of. The group of Canadians adopting to the DRC have banded together closely and worked hard.CIC is now communicating directly with the DRC gov;t which is huge. We now know what CIC is truly capable of!!!! if they want to....

    Please pray for quick exit ermits for our children. Also pray for my husband who returned home to work and for the children at home. Thank you for your prayers.

  • "Vindicate the weak and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and destitute. Rescue the weak and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked." ~Psalms 82:3-4


    Hundreds of legally adopted children are not allowed to leave the DR Congo and come home to the loving families who are waiting for them. Families are sending money every month to provide shelter and care for their children, and to try to keep them safe.

    The United States has done some diplomatic maneuverings, but so far nothing has worked. Thankfully, a handful of children who have serious medical issues have been released from the Congo. But the rest are still stuck there waiting for the DRC government to lift an indefinite ban on exit letters for orphans – the last piece of paper needed for them to come home. For 16 months now, families have waited (im)patiently for DRC to start issuing these exit letters again.

    Now there is violent unrest in the DRC. In the past few days, the internet has been cut off, as has been text messaging, and a popular French radio station has been taken off the air. There is violence taking place throughout the country in protest of government actions. Rampant poverty and violence make a bad situation even worse for our children.

    We need help from a power greater than these governments.

    On Sunday, please take a few moments to ask God to protect them, and to somehow open the way for them to be able to leave the Congo and be united with their families. Pray for peace for their country and a resolution to the conflict that will ultimately bless their nation. Pray for the ban on exit letters to be lifted!

    Please invite your family and friends and churches to join this event and pray with us this Sunday. You can just add people on the right bar ----->

    WE NEED A MIRACLE! With God all things are possible! Let’s exercise our faith, and ask Him to help.

    Please pray for CANADIAN VISAS for our children, too. According to Canadian law, CIC must issue their visas, but they are not.

    thank you!!

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    There's a good rumor floating around that the suspension will be ending soon.  We've heard this many times before but this time it's coming from many different sources.  The US DOS (State Department) officials are in the DRC right now, meeting with DRC delegates to try get the suspension lifted.

    In September, our immigration files were moved from Nairobi CIC to Dakar, Senegal, CIC (Canadian Immigration Centre).  We believe this to be a very positive move as Dakar CIC seems to be alot more adoption-friendly! 

    Please pray for the suspension to lift asap.

    Thank you for standing with us during this long trial. We hope you haven't grown weary of praying for us.

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