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In our family we often say that "We are Blessed to be a Blessing". God has blessed us in so many ways through our lives and we are called to bless others through Him in return.  Today we start our final journey to add our daughter to our family. We are travelling to China with our 2 sons to finish the call we first felt towards adoption nearly 4 years ago.

We are Trevor & Joanne Friesen and have recently recieved another blessing towards our adoption journey from ABBA Canada. We are so thankful that their are resources for our family to help finalize the adoption of our little girl. 

In just a few hours, we get on a plane and head around the world to make that happen. We have faith and trust in God to keep our family safe and that in just days from now, we will be handed a daughter to love and nurture as He would want us to. Thank you to those who give and to those who pray, as many families here including our own today, are blessed through your giving. We'll update as we go along on this adventure for our family. 


This family has received an adoption grant from ABBA Canada. Any funds donated on this page will be used for an adoption grant to help another family bring a child home to his/her forever family.





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    We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year, sharing time and making new memories with loved ones. Last Christmas our family sure was wondering when our little one would be joining our family and would it be by Christmas 2016? Earlier this summer, our prayers and adoption journey came to a completion regarding that exactly, when we travelled to China with our boys to adopt Ellery. We can't believe it's already been 4 months since we made that 2 week trip together. We have appreciated many praying for us since we got home from that trip, as adding a child to any family always has it's challenges. Ellery is doing great and her english is really coming along after such a short period of time. We have all enjoyed experiencing with her all of her firsts in these months so far, especially getting ready for Christmas and having some snow this winter! We're excited for all that 2017 will bring and pray blessings on all of you who have that heart for adoption and have also brought home a child this year. Happy New Year from our family to yours! 

  • Merry Christmas from the Friesen Family

    Merry Christmas from the Friesen Family

  • Friesens at the Pumpkin Patch

    Friesens at the Pumpkin Patch

  • The weeks have certainly been flying by this Fall, which is a little sad because it's one of our favourite seasons! As there are many outside changes in Fall, we've also had many changes in the last few months in our family.  It's actually 2 months today since we arrived home from China as our new family of 5. While the weeks have had many happy times and we've enjoyed new experiences made together with her, we have also had our share of downs as we've had some difficult times adjusting. While we're having close bonding with her, we could certainly use continued prayer as our attachment grows to one another. No matter the ups or downs though, we're continuing to feel blessed by having adopted our daughter. Some highlights have been visiting the pumpkin patch with her and celebrating her 4th birthday! Thank you for your support and thoughts towards our famliy. 

  • The Friesens at the Great Wall!

    The Friesens at the Great Wall!

  • What a quick 3 weeks it has been since we left for China to adopt our daughter Ellery! We had a wonderful trip with our family, many adventures and new experiences for us all. Our family is up by 1 member bringing our kids to 3 :) We have 2 sons who are 7 & 9 and now little Ellery who is 4 in October. We were so blessed and encouraged by many during our trip through others prayers and words of support. Not only did we know that God was guiding our way to finalize our adoption, but we really felt like so many people were rooting for us and that we were not alone. We have been home for 1 week today and our family transitions have gone remarkably well! Ellery is fitting right in and so far we have not had many set-backs. We know that many kids adopted have different experience, come from different backgrounds and adapt differently in their new famliies, so we pray that we have continued great attachment with her. Thank you for supporting our family and the many other families in Canada that pursue adoption for their families. 

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