How Can I Help?

You can help ABBA Canada’s initiatives in many ways.

SHARE ABBA Canada with others. If you know families in the process of adopting, or an individual who is a passionate supporter of adoption, let them know how they can share their stories in a way that helps raise awareness and funds to help others.

BECOME A MEMBER of ABBA Canada to take part in the community. Search the “Advocates” to find one that interests you. Become a member of the community by clicking the sign-up button. Once you are signed up you can subscribe to advocate pages, comment, donate, or become a champion.

START AN ORPHAN MINISTRY at your church. We can help you through the process of starting an orphan/foster care ministry at your church to help adopting families in your community. We can also help you establish an adoption fund at your church through ABBA Canada. We will help you begin an Advocate page to let others know what your church is doing and help you raise funds to help families who are adopting.

BECOME A CHAMPION. A "Champion" is someone who is excited about one of our Advocates and decides to participate in raising funds or awareness in support of adoption.

To become a Champion, find an Advocate page that inspires you and Start a Fundraiser for it, adding your personal voice to that particular Advocate. Use the provided tools for sharing updates, video, and photos, to help share your experience as it relates to your Advocate. Those who visit your Fundraiser can comment, subscribe to your page, or donate in support of adoption.

DONATE. You can donate through a Fundraiser page, Advocate page or from the Home Page by clicking "Donate" from the particular page that you are viewing. All donations go into ABBA Canada’s general fund for grant distribution to qualified adoption agencies registered as charities in Canada, at the discretion of the board of ABBA Canada Foundation based on ABBA Canada’s grant criteria. 100% of all adoption grant donations go towards adoption grants without anything being deducted for administration costs. Tax receipts are provided for eligible donors.