Grant Criteria

Applicants must be adopting through an adoption agency that is registered as a Canadian charitable organization. The applicant must be a Christian couple, called by God to enlarge their family through adoption, who are committed to train and educate their children in accordance with Biblical principles, and who need financial assistance in order to complete the adoption. In determining whether ABBA Canada will provide a grant to a particular family, the Board considers many things, and the decision to deny assistance to a particular family does not constitute a judgment that the family is a “bad” family. In fact, in many cases it seems like a decision between two “equals” and the Board has to rely on wisdom and discernment from the Lord as to whom He wants to bless through ABBA Canada and to whom He will provide in other ways.

In allocating funds for grants from the general fund, factors that are important to the Board include: (a) spiritual maturity; (b) worldview; (c) the length and stability of the applicants’ marriage (but grants have been made to both young and old!); (d) church involvement; (e) philosophy of education; (f) how much of their own money the applicants are putting into the adoption.

In allocating grants from funds that we administer for Churches, we work with the Church to establish mutually agreed upon criteria. The Board does not state its reasons for denying assistance to any particular family.