Adoptive Resource Guide

This manual is a helpful resource guide for those starting or considering the adoption process.


A list of relevant book and audio titles

Focus on the Family Canada’s counsellors are frequently asked to recommend resources on the topic of adoption. Here’s a list of their favourite titles. Most of these titles are available from Focus on the Family Canada’s online bookstore

Motivation for adoption: Why adoption?

Post-adoption: Succeeding at adoption

  • The Connected Child, by Karyn Purvis, David Cross and Wendy Lyons Sunshine. Published by McGraw-Hill, 2007. Paperback

Faith-based guidance for adoptive families

Various Christian organizations provide online resources and guidance about becoming an adoptive family and living out the adoption journey. You’ll find something helpful whether you’re looking for informative articles or inspiring stories about what organizations are doing to help families parent adopted children successfully.

Adoption information from secular organizations

While not operating from a Christian perspective, several organizations – many of which are Canadian – offer useful information about adoption.

Canadian Christian adoption agencies

Canada is home to two licensed Christian adoption agencies. These agencies* provide services, including training and home assessments, to families who wish to do a private and/or international adoption. They also provide counselling and support to birth parents, all from a distinctively Christian perspective.


*ABBA Canada cannot guarantee the accuracy of this outside information, nor are the external links meant to be endorsements of other organizations and their views. These links are provided for your convenience.