Together For Adoption Conference Breakouts

The breakouts have been released, the conference is a month away, are you registered yet? Every year, we get feedback from people who were blessed by Together For Adoption Canada conference. Visit the site at We hope you can join us! Here are the breakouts:

1A - Adopting from Foster Care by MCFD
Come and learn all about what is involved in adopting children who are in the care of the Ministry for Children and Families. Did you know that there is no cost for this type of adoption?  What is required of prospective adoptive families?

1B - Adoption Basics: Domestic and International Adoption by Wendy Kittlitz

Looking at other options for adoption in Canada?  What is private adoption?  Can we adopt a baby?  What countries are presently open to Canadian families for international adoption and why is it so expensive?  We will discuss these question and more!

1C - Launching an Adoption Ministry in Your Church by Kristjen and Tamara Hull
Would you love to see a ministry in your church to care for the orphan and support adoptive and foster families? Come learn practical steps to launch a ministry and grow this ministry to a thriving and effective outreach to families in your community and church.  From approaching your church board, to exploring the creative possibilities for your church ministry…we will cover it all  in this informative session. We'll share resource ideas and help you get started.

1D - Advocating for your children both in the community and school by Cherry Sczebel
We will be talking about what it looks like to advocate both for your adopted and foster children. There are many resources out there that we just don't know about and aren't always made aware of by the professionals in the process. How to find and access them in the community and though the school.

1E - Attachment by Brian and Colleen Derksen
Attachment is one of the most important building blocks of a successful adoption. In this session, we will talk about attachment from the child’s point of view, and from ours, and discuss strategies for building an attachment-rich environment and working towards forming secure attachments. We would also discuss the importance of dealing with our own stuff as adults and how it impacts our ability to form good attachments with our children.

2A - Fundraising for Adoptions by Kristjen and Tamara Hull

The high cost of domestic and international adoption can be daunting. This workshop will introduce participants to the ministry of ABBA Canada, an adoption funding option in Canada. Learn also how your church can support adoption through ABBA Canada, how your family might secure some funding assistance and how you can creatively raise financial support for your own adoption.

2B - Stress and Self-Care for Foster/Adoptive Parents by Wendy Kittlitz
Fostering and adopting can be stressful. It is important to understand the impact this can have on you as parents and take positive steps to care for yourself in the midst of all the needs and demands that will be coming your way. We will explore what stress is and how we can learn to take good care of ourselves so we can be the moms and dads our kiddos need us to be.

2C - When an Adoption is Hard: when to consider out-of-home care by Jen & Phil Wagler
What happens when your dreams for your adopted family become shattered dreams?  Where do you go to seek help when you’re at the end of your rope with your adopted child(ren)?  In this session, Jen will be sharing their family’s journey with such broken dreams when out of home care became a necessity for their oldest child. 

2D - Parenting Children with FASD and other Special Needs by Amanda Preston
Find out the basics of common special needs associated with adoption including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, HIV, ADHD, RAD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Institutionalization. Learn strategies to work with children, and tips on parenting. Special focus will be on FASD. This course is beneficial before choosing an adoption path as many special needs are associated with certain adoption programs.

2E - What is the Difference Between Foster Care and Adoption? by MCFD foster care staff
Foster care recruitment staff will answer your questions about how fostering is different from adoption. 

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  • ABBA Canada August 24, 2016
    Thanks for the feedback. We'd love to host a conference in Ontario. The conference does change locations every year. If you have any contacts that might be interested, please send them our way!
  • Emily day
    Emily day August 23, 2016
    This sounds great! I wish there was a conference like this in Ontario.

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