One Year Home Update

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Often times we wonder how everyone is doing after the children come home. Here's our little update and picture. One of our sons was recently married, so we've added another daughter to our family. :-)

It's been a good but yet difficult year. A year of healing, tears, joy, laughter, bonding, looking back, yet moving forward.

God knew we needed those precious months of undisturbed bonding time with them spring/summer of 2015. Leaving them to come home was the most difficult thing I've ever done. Then 3.5 months later, they were "randomly" chosen by the DRC to come home. Miraculous, really.  Family sure agrees with these girls!!  They've truly learned to trust their daddy, too, which is so very very special.

All things are possible with God who gives us strength.  Keep fighting for your children. If you won't, no one else will.  They are so very worth it. !!


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