4 months with Ellery

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We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this year, sharing time and making new memories with loved ones. Last Christmas our family sure was wondering when our little one would be joining our family and would it be by Christmas 2016? Earlier this summer, our prayers and adoption journey came to a completion regarding that exactly, when we travelled to China with our boys to adopt Ellery. We can't believe it's already been 4 months since we made that 2 week trip together. We have appreciated many praying for us since we got home from that trip, as adding a child to any family always has it's challenges. Ellery is doing great and her english is really coming along after such a short period of time. We have all enjoyed experiencing with her all of her firsts in these months so far, especially getting ready for Christmas and having some snow this winter! We're excited for all that 2017 will bring and pray blessings on all of you who have that heart for adoption and have also brought home a child this year. Happy New Year from our family to yours! 

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