Forever Family Fundraiser - January Update

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It’s the end of January 2017 and I’ve completed the 1st month of the 2017 Forever Family Fundraiser and it’s off to a great start.  For the 1st month, I have walked an incremental 185,000 steps vs 2016 and averaging just over 15,000 steps/day for the month (as measured by my Fitbit Fitness tracker).  That’s ahead of the pace I set to achieve 500,000 incremental steps for the year so I have increased the goal to a very stretching 1,000,000 incremental steps vs 2016.  That’s 27% more walking than I did in all of 2016.

So January allowed me to get off to a great start, but to be totally transparent, January wasn’t really a high activity month for me in 2016, so I had a low base of comparison.  Last year in January, I only averaged about 9,000 steps per day.

February is going to be the start of the real challenge.  Last year I averaged 12,625 steps a day for the month so I will need to continue to Step-it-Up if I plan to add to the incremental step count through the month.

Financially, we are off to a good start as well and thanks to all my friends and family that have supported us so far.  We have raised $605 for the month with a fairly low level awareness campaign.  In February we will Step-it-Up for Fundraising as well.

Keep Walking my friends!!!


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