God is in Control - January 6, 2018

Jacob is ready to eat!

Jacob is ready to eat!

Our little Jacob is a strong, busy, active toddler with a tremendous appetite for savoury Vietnamese foods, but spits out anything sweet, like fruit. We are blessed to have such great access to the foods he is accustomed to here in Vietnam. He insists on feeding himself though, which makes for tedious and messy mealtimes, lol! He loves dancing and is also a super curious fellow who does not want to miss a thing. We have been doing a lot of walking naps in the carrier since he screams his head off when we put him in his crib. It has been nice to take advantage of the opportunity to walk around in Hanoi while he naps.
Yesterday was the last day of several days of submitting paperwork and now we just wait for the documents so Jacob can travel to Canada. Please pray for expedited delivery of Jacob's Canadian citizenship documents. We paid to have them expedited and it seems they did not get sent with as high of a shipping priority as we requested. This has been a bit frustrating, but we know that everything happens for a reason and that God is in control and can expedite it anyway.

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