We have been matched!!

We have finally been matched with our little girl! After three years of waiting for this day, it has finally come! Her name is Favour and she is 6 years old. We're just so excited to meet her and bring her home! We will be traveling to Nigeria at the end of June, and possible staying in Nigeria for 4 months or longer! Please keep us in your prayers. Please pray that God will bless the rest of the adoption process. Please pray that Favour will adjust well to all the changes that will come into her life. Please pray for our children. Please pray that God will give us wisdom in how to meet all her spiritual and physical needs. We're just so thankful for Abba Canada, and all the people who have supported us through them! It has been a tremendous blessing and encouragement. We see Gods gracious providing hand through this all! Thank you for everyone's love and support! We look forward to continuing to share our adoption story with you all! This is really God's story! As He is, The Father of the fatherless, and a lover of orphans. He did not leave us orphans, but came to us as the Bible says. We're so thankful that He adopted us as His children. We're just so blessed to be able to, in a little way, reflect His great love for us! Thanks again for everyone's love, support, and prayers! It means a great deal to us! love always John and Erin

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