Experiencing Miracles in Tough Times - March 9, 2018

Managing to snag a family photo in the midst of all the sicknesses

Managing to snag a family photo in the midst of all the sicknesses

In our last update, we mentioned that we had dealt with sicknesses soon after our return to Canada and that those sicknesses had continued for a couple weeks. Well, just when we thought we couldn't possibly be hit with more, the sicknesses and infections just kept coming one after the other with only a few healthy days here and there to break it up. I (Madelene) don't think I've ever made so many doctor visits in such a short period of time! Well, we have been back in Canada a little over 7 weeks now and it wasn't until about a week and a half ago that we finally got over the string of fevers, illnesses and infections. Praise the Lord! Now we are finally getting to experience "normal" life as a family of 5 instead of just surviving while tending to the fever of the week. Through all of this, I (Madelene) have actually not gotten sick once! This is completely miraculous, as I usually catch whatever the kids have since you can't avoid cuddling them and having them all over you when they are unwell. This just utterly amazes me and I have no doubt that I have experienced miraculous protection from God! I'm now able to do school drop-off and pick-up by myself with the 3 kids and it is going well. Jacob has gotten more comfortable in the car seat and no longer views it as "the seat of torment" and can now handle 20-30 minute car trips.

Jacob is actually doing phenomenally! Our social worker was even quite surprised at how well he is interacting and following along with what Tobias and Ezekiel are doing. Developmentally he seems to be meeting the milestones for his age and isn't demonstrating any delays. He has attached to us very well, and continues to be super curious and social - which seems to be his personality. As our Vietnamese is limited to only a few words and simple phrases, we have been speaking to him in Swedish and Spanish, as we do in our family and he seems to be handling it quite well. He will follow simple commands in those languages and he has even started saying a few Swedish words too: "there," "look," "mamma." He waves goodbye and loves to dance on command and of his own initiative to music. Tobias has also taught Jacob to walk backwards. :)

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