Our mission

 It is the hope and prayer of this ministry that it will develop awareness, compassion and conviction to minister to orphans, through a variety of different means. Our dream is for every believer to be engaged with helping vulnerable children and we long to see thousands of children around the world cared for through this ministry, and others like it. 



Adoption Financial Assistance

The adoption journey is a wonderful and miraculous experience, yet along the way there will be obstacles to overcome. For many families, the financial hurdle may be the most difficult one to conquer. Let us assist you in this journey by clicking on the link below to apply for a grant through ABBA Canada!

Equipping the local church

Engaging your church to respond and creating awareness is one of the main ways you can care for the orphan. Much of the movement going on in churches across the world is due to church members who are championing the cause of the orphan within their congregations. Click on the link below to learn more!

Supporting adoptive families

ABBA Canada believes that the whole church should be a part of the adoption process. Although not every Christian will adopt, we believe that every Christian is called by scripture to play a part in caring for the orphan. We want to see believers raised up to offer their talents and giftings to serve adoptive families. Go ahead and click the link below to read more about how you can be a support to adoptive families!


It’s hard to put in words our gratitude to ABBA Canada! When we received the phone call that we would receive this grant we just stood amazed at God’s goodness, and providential care for us! We have had a lot of ups and downs in this journey, and at times have wondered if we could possibly continue. When we heard from ABBA Canada it was an amazing encouragement and brought tears to our eyes! We’re just so thankful for them and the work that they do to help families who are adopting!

- John & Erin
— Grant Recipients