As the largest organization on earth, we believe the Church is God’s instrument to bring hope to the orphan and provide a response to the global orphan crisis. We believe the Church is the answer that will change the lives of these waiting children forever. The Bible mentions caring for widows and orphans over forty times. In fact, the Bible says one measure of our faith is whether we care for widows and orphans in their distress (James 1:27). Because God cares for orphans, he wants us to care for them as well. 

Engaging your church to respond and creating awareness is one of the main ways you can care for the orphan. Much of the movement going on in churches across the world is due to church members who are championing the cause of the orphan within their congregations. Posters, handouts, tabletop displays, devotionals, pictures of waiting children and awareness events are just some of the ways churches have brought awareness to their congregations and moved them to care and respond.



Many believers are stepping out in faith and following God’s direction to care for orphans and expand their families through adoption, yet these families often are discouraged by seemingly insurmountable financial obstacles along the way. By establishing adoption funds, local churches can directly minister to their own church families by removing the financial barriers so often faced by adoptive families.


  • Establishing an adoption fund provides an opportunity for the church to become engaged in the scriptural mandate to care for orphans.

  • An adoption fund provides a tangible means for the church to support and provide for the financial needs of families adopting.

  • Adoption funds further enable adoptions to happen, providing the opportunity to reach across the globe and bring children into homes where the gospel is proclaimed.



is currently set up to provide the following:


  • Experience, expertise, and coaching in establishing your church fund.

  • A qualification process for families based on mutually agreed upon criteria.

  • Fund administration that allows you to establish an account with us.

  • Tax-receipts to donors.

  • Web donations.


How do I start an adoption fund at my church?


  • Contact ABBA Canada with any questions and to discuss the specific needs at your church.

  • Allow ABBA Canada to prepare church-specific tools to assist you in presenting the need and benefit of a church adoption fund to your church leadership.




  • Missions – ABBA Canada would like to be a part of your Missions ministry/budget. Donations will assist in our operations so that we can continue to serve families, children, and churches around the country.

  • Prayer – An important way you can support us is through praying.

ABBA Canada would love to help your church brainstorm ways the congregation can rally around an adoptive family and meet their practical needs. Many churches have also started ministries to serve local foster care children or their fostering families. We are a part of the body of Christ, and God has asked us… what are we doing about this global crisis? What is our part to play? Please contact us for more information or ideas.
— Abba Canada