Adoption is a blessing


Hello.  We are Tim and Karla Rosenkranz and we are prayerfully going to be adding to our family of 5!  We have been married for nearly 12 years and we currently have 3 awesome children.  Adoption has already been such as blessing to us as we brought our youngest home from China 5 years ago. To be honest, it saddens us that there are orphans at all.  It is not without heartache that we would joyfully accept the privilege of providing another little one with a forever family.  We have put so much trust in the Lord thus far in our lives together that we would only walk by faith in the adoption journey again at all. We know that prayer works so we kindly ask that you pray as you feel led. 

Summer Lovin'

We are excited to announce that was have travel permission to head to China next month!  We appreciate the support of ABBA Canada and it's supporters as we trust the Lord in this next chapter of our lives.  We will be bringing home our sweet 3 year old daughter.  Please pray for this little one as her world will completely change and for the adjustments for the 3 children we currently have at home. Many thanks!




Kris Hull