What is the application and approval procedure?

The couple mails their application to ABBA Canada along with a copy of their home study report and the other information requested on the application. There are 4 application deadlines per year: January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. We try to review each application within 4 – 6 weeks after the deadline and send an email to inform the couple of our determination. The Board does not state its reasons for denying assistance to any particular family.

Does ABBA Canada Foundation have any special income requirements? Is there a credit check? What other factors do you consider in determining whether you will approve an application?

We are stewards of the funds entrusted to us by the Lord through our donors. Good stewardship requires us to consider finances as well as many other factors. We rely heavily on the adoption agencies to do a lot of the background checks and to report on those in their home study. This prevents duplication of effort and helps to keep our overhead costs low. Above all, we ask God to provide us with His wisdom so that we might glorify Him in our decisions.

What is the maximum amount of money that an adopting family may request from ABBA Canada Foundation?

The average grant amount is $4,000, but a family may request a higher amount. However, at times our resources may be limited, so we expect the adopting parents to try to obtain financial assistance from other sources first (for example, your church, your employer, organizations providing grants, etc.) and use ABBA Canada Foundation to make up any shortfall. That way, we are able to help more families.

Do we need to repay the grant?

No, a grant is given to the family with no need for repayment.

Can a family receive a commitment for financial assistance from ABBA Canada Foundation before beginning the adoption process?

The family needs to use its own resources to start the adoption application process and proceed through the pre-placement assessment (home study) stage, as we must receive a copy of the family’s home study report as part of their application to ABBA Canada Foundation for financial assistance.

Are funds paid directly to the family or directly to the adoption agency?

ABBA Canada will make payments directly to the agency. Your adoption agency must be a registered charity. If you are unsure, you can ask them for their CRA charitable number or search here: CRA charity registry

We have received placement of our child, but still have financial need related to the adoption. Can you help us?

Not at this time. Due to financial limitations, ABBA Canada’s program is only able to assist families who are otherwise unable to receive a placement due to lack of funds.

What is your grant criteria?

Applicants must be adopting through an adoption agency that is registered as a Canadian charitable organization. If you are unsure, you can ask them for their CRA charitable number or search here: CRA charity registry. The applicant must be a Christian couple, called by God to enlarge their family through adoption, who are committed to train and educate their children in accordance with Biblical principles, and who need financial assistance in order to complete the adoption. In determining whether ABBA Canada will provide a grant to a particular family, the Board considers many things, and the decision to deny assistance to a particular family does not constitute a judgment that the family is a “bad” family. In fact, in many cases it seems like a decision between two “equals” and the Board has to rely on wisdom and discernment from the Lord as to whom He wants to bless through ABBA Canada and to whom He will provide in other ways.

In allocating funds for grants from the general fund, factors that are important to the Board include: (a) spiritual maturity; (b) worldview; (c) the length and stability of the applicants’ marriage (but grants have been made to both young and old!); (d) church involvement; (e) philosophy of education; (f) how much of their own money the applicants are putting into the adoption.

In allocating grants from funds that we administer for Churches, we work with the Church to establish mutually agreed upon criteria. The Board does not state its reasons for denying assistance to any particular family.

 If we receive a grant, what is our obligation to ABBA Canada Foundation?

The only thing we ask of our grant recipients, which is also stated in the application, is that you write a minimum of two pre-adoption and two post-adoption blog posts. We will send you all of the information necessary to submit your blog posts. We would love it if you would continue submitting entries and pictures, as our donors, who make our grants possible, love to pray for and follow the stories of our grant recipients. 

Are contributions to ABBA Canada Foundation tax deductible?

Yes, and contributions may be made by cash or cheque, or through Electronic Payment on our website. Gifts of stocks, property and other gifts in kind are also accepted. ABBA Canada Foundation is a registered foundation in Canada (CRA#834653073RR0001). All donations are tax receiptable in Canada.

 May I designate my contribution for the benefit of a specific family?

No, based on Canadian tax law, ABBA Canada Foundation must receive donations into the general adoption grant fund, which will then be dispersed as adoption grants for successful applicants across Canada.

What is the 100% guarantee?

At ABBA Canada Foundation, we are extremely committed to good stewardship of the funds entrusted to us. We know that when you donate to ABBA Canada Foundation, you want to have the greatest impact possible, helping adoptive families. That’s why we’ve created the 100% guarantee. When you donate to ABBA Canada Foundation, we will contribute 100% of your donation to an adoption grant to help fund a Canadian Christian family’s adoption, without deducting anything for administration.

If you use 100% of donations for grants, how do you cover your administration costs?

ABBA Canada Foundation benefits from a volunteer network and we work very hard to keep our costs to an absolute minimum. We rely on ministry friends to donate towards ABBA Canada Foundation’s administration costs and we continue to trust the Lord to provide for all of our needs. 

If you still have questions and feel as though this section has not answered them for you, we would love to be of assistance. Please go ahead and click the contact below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!