Marcie & Paul

We are thrilled to have the perfect little daughter added to our family! Thank you ABBA Canada for being part of our journey and helping us make our adoption possible! Our family loves to swim and spend time at the beach so I had been praying that our Chinese daughter would love water as well. She has fit right in! At first, she wasn’t sure even sure about taking a bath but as soon as she figured out how fun it was to splash in the tub, there was no turning back. She didn’t even want to come out of the freezing cold pool in our hotel in China. Since then, she’s been in Lake Erie, the Atlantic ocean, the Yaque River in the Dominican Republic, and several different pools. She loves them all! We are having so much fun with her and are so glad that she is in our family. She is just perfect for us!

cooper family.jpeg
Kris Hull