What are you worrying about?

Jun 6, 2017

In a moment of doubt and frustration I opened the email and saw we had been awarded this grant from

ABBA towards the adoption we are pursuing. I can't describe the feeling that came over me; it was shock

and awe and as though the Lord had said

Jun 6.jpg

"What are you worrying about?".

Nov. 10, 2017

The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind. But the doors opened and very suddenly we found ourselves

receiving our long awaited son. A lifetime of desire, and years of intense prayer and effort brought us

to this moment by God's grace. Thank you so much to ABBA for being an instrument of God in helping

us to this point. More to follow...

Dec. 31, 2017

What a blessing it is to be together for Christmas and share this wonderful new life together!

Jan. 23, 2018

Nov 10.jpg

For years our boys prayed every night, "Please help us get a referral soon". Then one day it became

"please help us get Naam soon". Now it is "Thank you for our new brother".

Dec 31.jpg
Kris Hull