Adoption made us a family


We are THRILLED to have been blessed with a grant of $3000 from ABBA Canada. Thank you so much for being a support to the families blessed through your gracious giving. 

We have been blessed to adopt two times prior to this current adoption journey we are on. The experience of adoption is one of such amazing highs as well as tearful lows. For us of course we have been blessed to experience more highs then lows.

Our first adoption experience was one like none other. Everything went smoothly, perfect even. We continued to thank the birthmother and were shocked to constantly hear from her the same words.

"Thank you"

She is an amazing birthmother to have been able to be so selfless. This act of adoption was an act of love. Something we were so blessed to have been able to witness and be the resipient of. 

I know that no matter how thankful she was for us and how greatful we were in return this was a day of extreme lows for her and crazy highs for us.

Adoption may not be free of pain but the love that is shown is a close second to feeling Jesus love for us. 

Kris Hull