Little Miracles in Tough times


A few more months have gone by and Jacob has settled in very well into our family now. We had the opportunity to attend a Vietnamese wedding in April. We met the bridal couple at the Vietnamese Christmas gathering we attended before adopting Jacob. It was a great opportunity to whip out the Vietnamese costumes we had bought for the boys in Vietnam. Jacob is a very active and curious little guy and tries to keep up with his older brothers at all costs. He is a fearless climber and will even attempt the playgrounds for 5-12 year olds.

We really want to emphasize what a HUGE blessing this grant from ABBA Canada has been for our family!! When we received the news of our adoption grant from ABBA Canada, it was a very exciting surprise since we thought maybe our application had been submitted too late with our travel date to Vietnam being earlier than first expected. Thank you to all of you who have journeyed with us and supported us in our adoption!

Kris Hull